Spring is just around the corner

There are signs of spring scattered throughout the garden, and it fills me with joy. Winter bulbs have braved the weather and put on a specular show. The crocus are particularly lovely this year.

I can’t be the only person who gains immense pleasure from watching a plant pushing it’s way through the earth after a prolonged state of dormancy. I think this must be why I have a soft spot for bulbs and perennial plants.

I love to dig around in the soil, to move the earth, and always with bare hands; I like to be as one with Mother Nature. So what if my nails are chipped and my hands are a little rougher than they should be? Isn’t that why hand cream was invented? The whole process of gardening not only benefits my mental health, better than any antidepressant ever can, but for a short time I manage to forget about my aches and pains as the joy of gardening occupies my mind. What can be better than that? Gardening is an all-round super hobby and gets a great, big thumbs up from me.

Sadly though, there will be no gardening for me today. After a few days of glorious sunshine, during which ladybirds and honey bees were tempted outside, the snow has decided to fall.

I guess that means I’ll be keeping the hand cream in the cupboard this week….